Arsenic & Old Lace (2005)

Everything seems to be going fine in the life of Mortimer Brewster. He's got a good job as a theatre critic for a New York Newspaper, he loves his family, his brother Teddy, his Aunts Abby and Martha, and he's in love with beautiful Elaine. But then one day he makes a horrible discovery: he finds a dead body in the house of his aunts! "Oh, don't worry about it," say his aunts, "we killed him out of pity!" It turns out the two nice old ladies have a secret hobby: murdering lonely old gentlemen with poisoned elderberry wine. Their score stands at eleven corpses and they have no intention of stopping. "It is one of our charities," Aunt Martha proudly explains.

Thus begins Mortimer's mad chase to prevent more murders and to save his aunts from the police. His first plan is to blame his mad brother Teddy for the murders. For Teddy thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt, the American President who built the Panama Canal. Indeed, Teddy is even digging his own Panama Canal in the cellar, whicht the aunties use as graves for their "charity victim". It shouldn't be too difficult to get Teddy turned into a sanatorium for insane people and explain the eleven graves in the cellar to the police, Mortimer thinks. But then things get even worse as Jonathan, another brother of Mortimer's and a mass murderer wanted by the police, turns up unexpectedly after many years abroad. jonathan has brought his drinking friend and partner in crime Dr. Einstein with him - and yet another dead body...

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Mr. Spenalzo Maike Bieneck Form 5d
Dr. Einstein Max Stamnitz Form 9d
Jonathan Anand Lehrmann Year 12
Paper Girl Natalie Hipp Form 9c
Abby Brewster Jessica Zawinell Form 10c
Teddy Brewster Dominik Sticher Form 9c
Rev. Dr. Harper Phillip Serrallach Year 12
Officer Brophy Katrin Ludwig Year 12
Officer Klein Daniele Schulz Form 10R
Martha Brewster Christine Jung Form 11c
Elaine Harper Solveig Haas Form 11c
Mortimer Brewster Jan Knobloch Year 12 (Bunsen)
Mr. Hoskins Frederik Klatt Form 5d
Officer O'Hara Anja Grzbiela Year 12
Lieutenant Rooney Susanne Abdulmajid Form 10R
Mr. Witherspoon Natalie Hipp Form 9c
Special Guests Julia Bach,
Charlotte Doerr, Magdalena Gesinger,
Eva Lamadé,
Tim Nelhübel &
Janina Riether
Form 5d
  Janina Klose &
Alena Lohnert
Form 9d
  Michael Mechler &
Anabel Haas
Form 11d

Group photo