Dracula (2007)

Jonathan Harker is a no-nonsense kind of young man. He lives in an age of progress and science. He laughs at fairy tales about vampires and werewolves. But then he is sent to Eastern Europe to sell a London house to a rich aristocrat: one Count Dracula. "Transylvania is not England says the count, "Our ways are not your ways and there will be many things that may seem strange to you." And indeed, Jonathan soon starts wondering: Why are all the doors in the castle locked? Why is the count always absent during the day? Why does he hate mirrors? Why does he never eat? And who are the strange women who wander around the castle at night? And then all of a sudden the count himself disappears without a trace ...


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Narrator Jessica Zawinell Year 12
Jonathan Harker Johannes Persch Form 9c
Lucy Westenra Pia Vötsch Year 12
Wilhelmina Murray Kristina Auffenberg Year 12
Maid, Peasant, Gypsy Kristin Eckl Year 12
Quincey Morris Chrstopher Blatter Form 9c
Dr. John Seward Simon Höhne Year 12
Lord Arthur Godalming Dennis Schulz Form 11b
Cound Dracula Gabriel Kähler Form 11a
R.M. Renfield Katharina Neijenhuis Year 12
Guard Felix Passek Form 10c
Vampire Women Marilena Schmich,
Stephanie Rott &
Carolin Müller
Form 9b
Form 10b
Form 10c
Blood Anna Herold &
Amelie Hipp
Year 12
Year 12
Lady Asquith, Peasant, Gipsy Helena Speidel Year 12
Dame Eleonor, Peasant, Gipsy Hannah Mensch Form 9b
Lady Marlborough, Peasant, Gipsy Denise Suhm Form 9c
Prof. Abraham van Helsing Klara Finck Year 12

Group photo