East is East (2009)

As if being a hormone-crazed teenager wasn't hard enough, the six children of the Khan family have to struggle to find their own voice, caught up as they are between their domineering and staunchly traditionalist Pakistani father and their somewhat blaze English mother. Add to this the chaos and claustrophobia of a family of eight living in a three-bedroom terraced house, the trials and tribulations of first love, the racism of the street and the code of honour of the mosque, the Rock'n'Roll of the disco and the Bollywood beats booming from the stereo in the family's Fish'n'Chips shop, and you end up with a colourful blend of comedy and tragedy that seems to cut to the core of what our current debates on migration and multiculturalism are all about.


George Khan Gabriel Kähler Year 13
Ella Khan Hannah Wacker Year 12
Abdul Simon Sahner Year 13
Tariq Benedikt Meng Year 12
Saleem Johannes van Bebber Year 12
Maneer Johannes Persch Form 11c
Meenah Inanna Dora-Müller Form 9d
Sajit Cécile Gobin Form 10c
Annie Milena Bartels Year 12
Grandmother Verena Hilgenfeldt Year 12
Ernest Lena Lauter Form 9c
Mullah Hannah Brucker Year 12
Mr. Shah Tobias Berning Form 9c
Mrs. Shah Julia Junghanns Year 12
Dr. Radar Kureishi Laura Sommer Year 13
Dr. Parvati Krishna Christina Träumer Year 12
Vicky Judith Stöckhardt Year 12
Tracy Clara Girmond Year 12
Jane Lisa Laun Year 12
Garry Lennart Schneider Year 12
Harry Constantin Hettinger Year 12

Group photo