Noises Off (2006)

Theatre director Lloyd Dallas is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Only a few more hours to go before the openings of his new comedy "Nothing On" and nothing seems to be working: the doors of the set don't open when they should open and don't close when they should close. The actors donn't know their lines, they keep losing their props and some of them don't even understand the plot of the play! What Lloyd doesn't know: things won't get better after the first night. On the contrary. As we follow the theatre company on their tour round third-class theatres in English provincial towns, we see how their relationships become worse and worse. At first they are all one big "happy company". But soon Dotty, the diva, Freddie, the whimp, Garry, the mad philosopher, Brooke, the brainless blonde, the good-natured-technician Tim, Selsdon, the alcoholic, lovei-dovey Belinda and Poppy, the girl who can't stop crying, all become victims of jealousy, forbidden love and missunderstanding... and the stage on which they perform becomes a battle-ground of revenge. Their moster terrible weapon in their fight for survival of stage: SARDINES!!!


Dotty/Mrs Clacket Ariane Blaschke Year 12
Lloyd Jan Knobloch Year 13 (Bunsen)
Garry/Roger Tramplemain Gabriel Kähler Form 10a
Brooke/Vicki Cécile G. Ianutolo Year 12
Poppy Philine Ritter Form 9c
Frederick/Philip Brent Simon Höhne Form 11c
Belinda/Flavia Brent Katharina Drost Year 12
Selsdon/Burglar Christine Jung Year 12
Tim Max Stamnitz Form 10d

Additional Cast for the Film Nothing on - on Tour

Reporters Juliana Schneider
Katharina Jeijenhuis
Form 11c
  Solveig Haas Year 12
Passers-By Solveig Haas
Sarah Jakobi
Year 12
Hotel Receptionist Sarah Jakobi Year 12

Group photo