One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (2008)

What is a psychopath? A lunatic, a mentally derranged person? Or anyone who doesn't fit in with the way "normal" people feel and act? It's hard to tell. But you could had thought at least about this question while watching the EDC's play One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Dale Wasserman, based on the novel by Ken Kesey.

Randle McMurphy is a criminal who is assigned to a lunatic asylum in order to have his psychological accountability tested. In his eyes, however, the ward is ruled by the ruthless Nurse Ratched, who oppresses her patients by treating them like little children. Immediately, McMurphy sets about rearranging the ward's hierarchy and in doing so comes up against problems that run deep, right to the roots of human behaviour and society in general.

Thadden school's and Heidelberg Municipal's psychiatric ward watched a play full of irony and black humour, about broken dreams and bitter truths, about human cruelty and injustice, but also, perhaps, about little rays of hope in an unhappy world.

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Chief Bromden Simon Sahner Year 12
Dale Harding Dennis Schulz Year 12
Billy Bibbit Christopher Blatter Form 10c
Rupert Scanlon Johannes Persch Form 10c
Charles Cheswick Julia Spannagel Year 12
Martini Max Stamnitz Year 12
Ruckly Lara Hasenjäger Year 12
Randle P. McMurphy Gabriel Kähler Year 12
Aide Dobsen Natalie Hipp Year 12
Aide Warren Daphne Braun Year 12
Nurse Ratched Kira Trabold Year 12
Nurse Flinn Luisa Persch Year 12
Dr. Spivey Benedikt Meng Form 11a
Aide Turkle Denise Suhm Form 10c
Candy Star Julia Junghanns Form 11a
Sandy Christina Träumer Year 12

Group photo