The Crucible (2010)

Rumours are spreading around the quiet and God-fearing village of Salem, Massachusetts. Teenage girls have been seen brewing potions and dancing in the woods and there is talk that some of them were naked ….. What are they up to? Have their occult practices anything to do with the fact that two of them are lying paralysed in their beds? Are they responsible for the sudden and inexplicable deaths of seven babies and a herd ofpigs? The elders of Salem have no answer, but the village is mumbling black magic. And then the mysterious Caribbean slave Tituba announces in public that she has seen a number of white women with the devil.

The witch hunt begins.


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Mr. Thomas Putnam Manuel Smrcek Year 12
Mrs Ann Putnam Denise Suhm Year 12
Mr Giles Corey Johannes Persch Year 12
Mrs Martha Corey Hannah Brucker Year 13
Mr Francis Nurse Paul Girmond Form 9b
Mrs Rebecca Nurse Linda Sobbe Year 12
Mr John Proctor Johannes van Bebber Year 13
Mrs Elizabeth Proctor Julia Schneider Year 13
Sarah Good Verena Hilgenfeldt Year 13
Tituba Isabel Eberhardt Year 12
Deputy Governor Danforth Hannah Wacker Year 13
Judge Hathorne Hannah Hilligardt Form 10b
Reverend Hale Jonas Sahner Year 12
Reverend Parris Christopher Blatter Year 12
Ezekiel Cheever Tobias Berning Form 10c
Marshal Herrick Nicolai Otteni Form 9d
Marshal Hopkins Tizian Erlemann Form 9d
Abigail Williams Anna Kaess Year 12
Mercy Lewis Inanna Müller Form 10d
Mary Warren Lena Lauter Form 10c
Betty Parris Eva Kortsch Form 9a
Susanna Walcott Isabella Dobler Form 9a
Ruth Putnam Hannah Werner Form 9b

Thank you Video

The cast and crew of The Crucible would like to say thank you to everybody who helped us in staging this year's play (2009/2010), especially the 'ttc who made this thank you clip.