The Talented Mr Ripley (2012)

based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith.

A stranger walks up to you in the street and says:

“Don’t I know you?” You don’t.

You say: “Yes, of course.”

Instantly, countless possibilities open up before you. It’s all down to improvisation.

Welcome to the life of Tom Ripley: confidence trickster, fraudster and identity thief. Taking on this talented man’s identity, you accept a promising job from rich businessman Herbert Greenleaf to travel to Italy and ask his son Rickie to come home, all expenses paid – for two months. But why give up this newly found life of luxury and privilege after such a short time? Why should the randomness of birth entitle one man to a life of leisure while condemning another to poverty? You’ve got a talent that the mediocre Rickie will never have: you are a born actor. So why not become Rickie, get rid of his girlfriend Marge and take on the identity of a rich man’s son?

But not everything works out as planned. There are people who know Rickie. The real Rickie. They have to disappear. For good. Suddenly, you get very uncomfortable in your role as Mr Ripley who plays the role of Rickie Greenleaf. But how can you escape now? After all, you’re already somebody else ...


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Tom Ripley Moritz Gentner
Cécile Gobin
Hannah Hilligardt
Lena Lauter
Year 11
Year 13
Year 12
Year 12
Aunt Dotty Inanna Müller Year 12
Rachel Reddington Sara Lipponer Form 10 d
Herbert Greenleaf Daniel Smrcek Year 11
Emily Greenleaf Sophia Pfründer Year 11
Marc Priminger Jonas Henn Year 13
Richard Greenleaf Peter Mahler Year 12
Marge Sherwood Donna Klevanski Year 12
Fausto Than Tam Biu &
Tizian Erlemann
Form 9 b
Year 11
Lucia di Monti Sara Lipponer Form 10 d
Sophia Andriotti Rebecca Jakoby Year 11
Freddie Miles Tobias Berning Year 12
Meredith Tomlinson Rebekka Schefcik Year 11
Signora Buffi Rebecca Jakoby Year 11
Bank Clerk Sara Lipponer Form 10 d
Carlotta Luigi Rahel Weber Form 9 b
Inspector Roverini Sven Weber Year 12

Group photo