Twelfth Night (2014)

by William Shakespeare.

Viola has been shipwrecked in the strange and wondrous country of Illyria, where people speak a bit funny and men wear coloured stockings to impress women. She goes to work for the ruler of Illyria, Count Orsino. But because he only employs men, Viola has to dress up as a boy and call herself Caesario. Orsino uses Caesario to send messages of love to the beautiful but arrogant Countess Olivia, who doesn’t like Orsino and instead falls in love with his young messenger, not realizing that Caesario is in fact a woman, who, for her part, falls in love with her new master Orsino, but cannot show him her true feelings because she is pretending to be a man.

Sounds complicated? You haven’t seen nothing yet! Wait until Viola’s twin brother Sebastian, who everybody thought was dead, suddenly reappears out of nowhere and people think he is Caesario, who is in fact Viola …..


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Orsino Patrik Schumacher Year K1
Orsino's Servants
First Officer
Second Officer
First Musician
Second Musician
Tobias Lechner
Klara Lorenz
Lillian Blanco
Hanna Mohr
Year K1
Form 9 b
Form 10 c
Form 9 c
Olivia Verena Griesinger Year K2
Olivia's Servants
Holy mother
Sebastian Schultze
Thanh Tam Bui
Greta Hartmann
Kim Zimmermann
Keshia Burger
Charlotte Grupp
Year K1
Year K1
Year K1
Form 10 b
Year K1
Year K1
Sir Toby Laurenz Berning Year K2
Sir Andrew Yannik Putsch Year K2
Feste, Olivia's Fool Alexander Konopka &
Rahel Weber
Year K1
Year K1
Viola Lara Loescher Year K1
Sebastian Johannes Knell Form 9 d
Antonia Sara Lipponer Year K1

Group photo